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No access affordable credit? Not want or have difficulty obtaining a bank account? At risk through not having home insurance? Struggle to budget and manage money or plan for the unexpected? Have you been sanctioned?
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Visit East Ayrshire Council's website for advice and support on money, food, wellbeing and more.

Home Self Isolation

Self-Isolation Grant Payments

It was confirmed on 30th September 2020 that self-isolation grant payments will be administered by local authorities in Scotland and will be available from Monday 12th October 2020.

Further guidance is expected shortly from the Scottish Government. As soon as this has been confirmed we will publish the application process for East Ayrshire residents.

Find out more about the new grant for those self-isolating on the East Ayrshire Council website.

Foodbank East Ayrshire

Foodbank Details

East Ayrshire foodbank is moving towards a pick-up service where possible, except where circumstances means that a foodbank parcel delivery is needed. View the details of the re-opened foodbank distribution centres here.

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